Senior Volunteer of the Year Awards

Toulumne County Commission on Aging Senior
Volunteer of the Year Awards

Senior Woman Volunteer of the Year 2017 Penny Jelito

·         For over 30  years Penny has served individuals, programs, and agencies in Tuolumne County.

·         Her services are all donated with exceptional professionalism, with careful attention to details that better situations.  She is as good as a leader or as a team member.

·         She is dedicated to the job at hand, reliable, responsible, and diligent in carrying out the needed services.

·         Her trademark is her abundance of energy, passion, and her delight in assisting others, making their lives better.

·         From Interfaith, the Health Fair, seniors and many, many, more projects…her utmost goal has ALWAYS been to help someone get to a better/easier/and more fulfilling place in their lives.

·         She never seeks notoriety, recognition, or awards.  She is more comfortable standing back, working in the background and assisting/watching others in accomplishing the goal(s) of the service or project.


Thank you, penny.  Your kindness, warmth, willingness, energy, and passion in service has made a difference in the lives you have touched in and around Tuolumne County.

Senior Male Volunteer of the Year 2017 DON BAKKA


·         For over 25 years he has provided countless hours with the Sheriff’s Community Service unit

·         Assisting in transporting youth to outside the area facilities;

·         Assisting at numerous countywide events;

·         Working in partnership with the Highway Patrol in traffic safety control

·         Schedules, trains, and orients new Community Service volunteers; helps develop and revised policies and procedures;

·         Provides crime scene watch; delivers subpoenas; and, day-to-day support of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department.

·         His co-volunteers, and Sheriff staff, have come to depend on Don for excellence in services, high standards of operations, and genuine caring of the safety of the community he serves.

·         In so doing the department staff are able to take care of the emergent and urgent needs of the department and the public.


Thank you Don, your service has made a difference in our community!


Senior Couple Volunteers of the Year 2017 Linda and Jack Adeylott

·         Both have served at Interfaith Community Social Services for over 9 years.  They have served with compassion, caring, warmth and friendliness to all clients regardless of situation or circumstances.

·         Jack has taken on special projects of collecting glasses for the Lions Club; helping Interfaith clients shop for clothing; assisting, preparing and monitoring the shower area at Interfaith.

·         Linda has implemented preparing and providing special comfort bags for the homeless; and , engaged the Sierra Quilt Guild in providing numerous handmade quilts for the struggling folks receiving services at Interfaith.

Thank you Jack and Linda, your services, caring, and heartfelt warmth for those struggling have made a difference in our community!